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Zero Bridge

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Release Date:Feb 16,2011

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Plot : The drama movie, Zero Bridge brings an interesting tale of a petty thief and his undefined relationship with one of his victims. 28-year-old Bani fails to return to United States to complete her studies when pickpocket Dilawar steals her purse, containing her passport. Dilawar takes to pick-pocketing as an excuse for living a better life, since his uncle pays him minimal wages in return of his bone-breaking labor as a construction crew. As destiny has some other plan for the thief, he happens to confront his victim. Bani, unaware of the fact that Dilawar was responsible for her misfortune, extend a helping hand to him. With the passage of time, the friendship between them blooms, but it hardly helps Dilawar, as he continues with his mischievous deeds. He gets the homework of the other guys done by Bani, all to fill his purse. What will happen when Dilawar’s real face gets revealed to Bani? Will she be able to remain friends with the petty thief who doomed her career? Watch Zero Bridge online to witness Dilawar’s fate. This drama movie brings to limelight, the struggles and misfortune faced by the people of terror-ripped Kashmir. Zero Bridge tries to move away from the subject of violence. By the means of this unlikely story, the drama addresses the problem of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, prevalent in the beautiful valley.

Zero Bridge Movie is Directed By : Tariq Tapa

Starring : Mohamad Imran Tapa, Taniya Khan, Ali Mohammad Dar, Fahad Banday, Sebastjan Bergman, Bilal Bhat, Owaise Qayoom Bhat

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