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Yonayona Pengin

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Release Date:Mar 31,2010

Category: Adventure / Animation / Family

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Plot : Yonayona pengin is the latest Japanese anime movie directed by Rintaro and written by Tomoko Konparu. Yonayona pengin means “Every Evening Penguin”. It is an animated movie about Coco, a 6-year-old girl, who loves all kinds of penguins. Coco’s father gave her a penguin costume which she wears every night and explores the world in hope that one day she could fly with the suit. Her father has disappeared quite a while ago. One night, she meets a goblin named Chaley who takes her to his world. He also takes her to a store where she can buy penguin in all sizes and shapes. World of Goblin is terrorized by Bucca-Boo and his henchboy Zammie. However, people in Goblin’s place rest their faith in Coco that one day she is going to save them from the evil. This faith is cites in people due to an old prophecy. Watch Yonayona Pengin video and enjoy!

Yona Yona Penguin movie is Directed By : Rintaro

Starring : Rica Matsumoto (Voice), Ei Morisako (Voice), Satoshi Kanada (Voice), Akiyoshi Kawashima (Voice), Yûji Tanaka (Voice), Hikari Ôta (Voice), Yoshio Kojima (Voice), Hiroshi (Voice), Dandy Sakano (Voice)

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Apr 02,2010
I will recommend watching Yona Yona Penguin movie to all for it's adventure and animation beauty.