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Winter of Frozen Dreams

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Release Date:May 05,2009

Category: Crime / History

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Plot : Leading a double life is exciting, but never easy. Moreover, the double life of a super hero can be fun, but not of a student and prostitute. The film revolves around the life of Barbara Hoffman, who is a bright bio chemistry student, but her life is not only about a hardworking student, but also a notorious prostitute. She works part time in a local massage parlor. When Jerry Davies, who happens to be Barbara’s fiancé, reports the discovery of a corpse one Christmas morning, little did he know that he will be dragged into the case and will be accused of the murder. Hours before Jerry has buried the body under a heap of snow, Detective Lulling smells rotten fish. Barbara and Jerry claim that they merely buried the body and have nothing to do with the murder. Soon they become the prime suspects of this bewildering murder case. Later in prison, Barbara refuses to give interviews and even does not go before the parole board, which caught the media’s eye. Watch Winter of Frozen Dreams online, to catch up with the true story of the first televised murder in USA and witness an off-the-wall murder mystery.

Winter of Frozen Dreams Movie is Directed By : Eric Mandelbaum

Starring : Brendan Sexton III, Dan Moran, Dean Winters, Keith Carradine, Leo Fitzpatrick, Scott Cohen, Thora Birch

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