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Winnebago Man

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Release Date:Jul 09,2010

Category: Comedy / Documentary

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Plot : How would you react if you become a big star overnight? Ben Steinbauer attempted to present the real-life story of a man, who turned out to be a celebrity, but never realized it himself. The movie casts Jack Rebney, Ben Steinbauer and Keith Gordon. The story of the movie tells a real life incident – that of a man who played the role of an RV salesman, namely, Jack Rebney. Like any other man, he is a normal human being, but has some peculiarities. He is uprightly humorous and foul-mouthed at times; one who doesn’t think before he speaks. But, even the worst of his words generate laughter. The journey of him becoming famous, starts when his VHS tapes containing all his conversations are circulated on the internet. When millions of people watch him, he turns into a celebrity, almost overnight. To the surprise of many, the man is discovered by Ben, the director of the film after a long time. Rebney is found on top of a mountain, living a lonely life, and most of all, oblivious to his fame. In a way, the movie is a journey of a normal man, who turns out to be an unintentional celebrity. So, will the movie unravel what happens when the man learns that he has become an overnight sensation? Or, will he remain unacquainted with his success throughout the film? Catch the movie to solve the mysteries prevalent in the air.

Winnebago Man movie is Directed By : Ben Steinbauer

Starring : Jack Rebney, Ben Steinbauer, Keith Gordon, Nick Prueher, Joe Pickett

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