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Win Win

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Release Date:Mar 18,2011

Category: Comedy

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Plot : Win Win is a delightful comedy that follows the events in the life of Mike Flaherty (played brilliantly by Paul Giamatti), an attorney with a sagging career. Mike also works as a coach for the local high school wrestling team. Director Thomas McCarthy weaves an interesting story around this central character and portrays how the lives of those around him are affected by the entry of a runaway teenager. Flaherty makes a last ditch effort to keep his legal practice alive, when he takes upon an elderly client, to function as his legal agent. Trouble follows soon in the guise of the old man’s grandson. The boy, having run away from home, lands up at his grandfather’s doorstep, which marks the beginning of numerous humorous complications. Watch Win Win to enjoy the strange turn of events that the entry of the teenager brings about. With the boy’s mother, fresh out from a rehab center, closely following on his heels, the problems only escalate. Mike has to seriously wrack his brains to come up with a win-win situation, but never did he think that things would turn on their head, despite his efforts. Witness how the lives of the New Jersey family as well as the wrestling team that Mike coaches, are completely altered, as is their luck!

Win Win Movie is Directed By : Thomas McCarthy

Starring : Paul Giamatti, Melanie Lynskey, Amy Ryan, Jeffrey Tambor, Bobby Cannavale, Burt Young, Margo Martindale, Amy Landecker


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