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White Lion

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Release Date:Oct 15,2010

Category: Family

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Plot : As per a Shangaan myth, white lions carry the messages of the gods, but it has been decades since a white lion was spotted in their far situated African valley. At last a white lion descends into their valley and a youngster from this region named Gisani has to take on the responsibility to protect this rare and splendid creature, using all means possible. This newly born white lion is distanced from his pride and is forced to set off on a dangerous journey to fight for his life. When about to succumb to starvation, this lion strikes a friendship with an older lion and from here, start their efforts to adapt to the danger-laden African wilderness. Gisani, while trying his best to protect this white lion, joins duties as a tracker with a hunter, who is desperately after this grand creature. Gisani must act fast, otherwise his valley will loose the creature, which attaches a popular Shangaan myth with itself. Will Gisani succeed in this mission or not? Well, to fetch the exact answer you will have to watch this well-directed movie. White Lion is a complete family entertainer, with an absorbing plotline as its major appeal.

White Lion Movie is Directed By : Michael Swan

Starring : Jamie Bartlett, John Kani, Thabo Malema

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