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What's Your Number?

Watch What's Your Number? Movie Online Here | Download What's Your Number? Movie

Release Date:Sep 30,2011

Category: Comedy

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Ryan Phillippe
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Plot : Director Mark Mylod’s comic venture ‘What’s Your Number?’ is the story of a woman in her late thirties who has just come out of her twentieth relationship. Ally Darling, played by Anna Faris, is the woman who has flirted with many men in her life – twenty to be precise. Just after she dumped her twentieth boyfriend, she stops to ponder if she just might have missed her one true love on her way to dumping the other nineteen guys. Her conscience answers that she has. What follows is a hilarious journey of a woman who pledges to find her true love by revisiting her nineteen encounters. Her sexual past reveals to her, the Mr. Right that she never really cared of finding before. She wants to do it now before it is too late. What’s Your Number? is based on the popular novel written by Karyn Bosnak. You must watch What’s Your Number? video because it blends romance with comedy in a perfect way, making it a complete eye-candy stuff. Who anyway would want to miss the perfect lady Anna Faris, who with her amazing looks can make men go weak in their knees.

What's Your Number? Movie is Directed By : Mark Mylod

Starring : Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Ryan Phillippe, Zachary Quinto, Mike Vogel, Chris Pratt, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Joel McHale

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