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What's the Matter with Kansas?

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Release Date:Jul 30,2010

Category: Documentary

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Download What's the Matter with Kansas? Download What's the Matter with Kansas? Download What's the Matter with Kansas? Watch What's the Matter with Kansas?
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Plot : What's The Matter With Kansas? is a documentary, which takes us to the centre of Middle America, in a state named Kansas. The film depicts the transformation of Kansas, from a territory of radicalism to a foundation of conservatism, in the late 20th century. Besides, this historic cinematic piece specifically deals with an explosive issue of abortion, against which many protests were held by the inhabitants of Kansas. The strongest among these protests was the Summer of Mercy campaign, which was started in the year 1991 and laid a huge conservative effect on Kansas. The filming of this documentary portrays the lives of several Kansans, a majority of whom are completely conservative in their views. However, it spots mainly three central characters - Angel Dillard, a mother of two children as well as an enduring Republican activist, 18-year old Brittany Barden, a strong-minded expert with an aim to bring America back to its original form - as “a Christian nation”, and Donn Teske who portrays himself as “a red-neck Kansas farmer”, trying to save his family farm. In the movie, Donn, in order to revitalize Kansas' progressive tradition, succeeds in conveying his message to the authorities at Washington, D.C. Floating with these endearing characters, this film forces its audiences to find new ways of understanding nation’s politics. This film is a must watch for every politically inclined movie lover, because they will savor the drama behind the Kansas political scenario.

What's the Matter With Kansas? movie is Directed By : Joe Winston

Starring : Alyssa Barden, Brittany Barden, Dawn Barden, Matthew Barden, Nicholas Barden, Rob Barden, Tiffany Barden, Brad Bennett

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