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Wake Up

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Release Date:Sep 14,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : How do things turn around, when a fight begins between the supernatural and spiritual aspects of one’s inner self? Watch Wake Up online to find out more! One fine day, Jonas Elrod wakes up to discover that he has suddenly begotten powers to see demons, angels and supernatural things around him. He, who had been leading a normal life as of now, gets surprised by this. His newly developed power to access other worldly dimensions, gives him a way to change his life forever. Now, one question arises at this point of time, which is that would this power really help in taking out people from situations of trouble or will it be used in a destructive manner. For this purpose, he also visits a doctor to seek medical aid and gets a clean chit, over his physical and mental health. Now, Jonas realizes the fact that he has been gifted a rare power to help humanity. So, he starts aiding people, facing any kind of supernatural problems. And in this wake, he has to travel to various countries as well. Even, his girlfriend travels with him, who is slightly skeptical over this matter. Moving in the direction of assisting people, he comes across numerous philosophers, teachers, mystics, scientists and also religious believers, who help him in realizing his inner self. It also enables him to solve the mysteries that he comes across. In fact, the plus point of the movie is the portrayal of fighting the consciousness, which helps in finding the ultimate inner peace. It also tries to inform the viewers that there is another kind of world existent, along with the one that our eyes see.

Wake Up Movie is Directed By : Chloe Crespi, Jonas Elrod

Starring : J.Z. Knight, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Stephan A. Schwartz, Joan Halifax, Abdi Assadi

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