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Waiting for Superman

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Release Date:Sep 24,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Waiting for Superman is a documentary film that talks about the dysfunctional education system that prevails in the United States of America. The director, Davis Guggenheim takes into consideration, the loopholes in the entire education system, and precisely, emphasizes the US. Guggenheim creates this educational documentary on the basis of certain logically correct statistics, which demarcates a line between the actual number of children who went to school and were successful in their careers and the students who despite being sent to schools by their parents, lacked in some field or the other, which ultimately resulted in their failure. Waiting for Superman is the one movie which relates to the rational people of the United States, and specifically talks about the high hopes of parents from their kids, when they send them to schools and colleges. But it seems as if some major loopholes and drawbacks exist in the education system and they are day, by day, increasingly giving a rise to the number of drop-out students, when calculated on a scale. On being questioned, why there needs to be a record of all such failures and errors, filmmaker Guggenheim almost finds all possible reasons to this. The education system, he explains, can teach a child discipline, but fails to develop interest of its pupils into studies, especially of those who have an altogether different career ambition. Guggenheim ends the movie on a very optimistic note, wherein he awaits for the superman of tomorrow, someone from the younger generation, who will bring about a change.

Waiting for Superman Movie is Directed By : Davis Guggenheim

Starring : George Reeves, Michelle Rhee, Bill Strickland, Randi Weingarten

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Sep 30,2010
It's a good documentary movie to watch.