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Waiting for Forever

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Release Date:Feb 04,2011

Category: Romance

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Rachel Bilson
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Plot : Waiting for Forever’ is a romantic movie which captures the very essence of life, love and mesh of relationships. Though the storyline may seem cliché, the movie is quite fresh in its approach & treatment. Directed by James Keach, the film has made a sincere attempt to answer questions that tickle our sensibilities in a milieu where relations are losing their sheen and are marked by a mute symbiotic association. Lay eyes on Waiting for Forever video, to take a sneak-peek into the lives of Emma (Rachel Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge), the childhood friends who are no longer in touch with each other. While Emma is struggling with her career as a TV show actress and her relationship with boyfriend Aaron, which does not seem to head anyway, Will is an ebullient guy who loves Emma dearly. However, fate brings Emma and Will back together in their hometown. Emma pays a visit to her father who’s not well, and it’s here when she catches up with her pal of good old days. Will tries to make the most of this meeting by opening his heart out to Emma, who’s startled by this sudden proposal. Henceforth, follows their chat-cum-debate about life & its queer ways, which compels you to take a course you’ve never thought of.

Waiting for Forever Movie is Directed By : James Keach

Starring : Jamey Anthony, Rachel Bilson, Nikki Blonsky, K.C. Clyde, Blythe Danner, Matthew Davis, Christel Edwards, Larry Filion, Nelson Franklin, Richard Gant

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One should buy Waiting for forever movie and behold a contrasting scenario where the female lead is chasing her aspiration and materialistic goals, but the hero does not mind being jobless and makes just enough for a living by amusing others. An important character in the movie is Jim (Scott Mechlowicz), Will’s elder brother who keeps on rebuking Will trying to make him understand the crude realities of life. Download Waiting for forever movie to witness the clash of ideologies between two people who had strong bonds as kids, were drifted apart by time and as a consequence their very perspective on life, death and relationships has changed dramatically. One can easily download this movie using formats such as Div X, DVD or IPod and enjoy this romantic film with a difference. You can easily use this website to download movies without any web-threat. One must watch Waiting for forever online with entire family as it has got to offer something to everyone irrespective of age. ‘Waiting for forever’ is one movie which is surely to be etched in your minds as one which helps us see life through a new spectacle altogether.

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