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Vampires Suck

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Release Date:Aug 18,2010

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : Vampires Suck parodies the most celebrated franchise, Twilight. The movie begins with Becca Crane relocating to Sporks to spend the rest of her life with her aimless father, Sheriff Frank. She departs from her previous place due to her mother’s explicit affair with Tiger Woods. After arriving at Sporks, she discovers that the entire town is drenched in blood and the Kardashians are the prime suspects for triggering all the havoc. Soon she joins her school, where she meets Edward Sullen. He is attracted towards her despite the fact that she stinks like the salt-water fish, Tuna. Without making further delay, Edward reveals that he is a descendent of an old vampire family. He also made it clear that he only drinks animal blood. Edward introduces his lady-love on her birthday to his family. While opening her gifts, her hand starts bleeding due to paper cuts. This tempts Edward’s family members to slay the girl, but he somehow saves the girl from the danger. After this incident, he discontinues his relationship with Becca. The sudden departure of Edward compels the girl to find solace in the arms of Jacob White, who is a very fun-loving guy. On the other hand, Edward starts sharing romantic notes with Lady Gaga. Edward assumes that Becca has committed suicide. This compels him to murder himself through a powerful Zolturi technique. But before anything takes place, Becca arrives and asks Edward to change her into a vampire. Watch Vampires Suck online to catch what happens next!

Vampires Suck Movie is Directed By : Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer

Starring : Ken Jeong, Matt Lanter, Marcelle Baer, Parker Dash, Bradley Dodds, Matthew Warzel

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Aug 23,2010
This movie is good to watch.