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Release Date:Nov 26,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Undertow is a profoundly moving story, which tends to explore the complexities of human nature, highlighting the emotions, which relate an individual to people around him and his own self. Undertow video takes viewers to a fishing village, where an ordinary man Miguel, seems to enjoy a prosperous life with his pregnant wife. But the things aren’t as crystal clear as they appear on the surface, as the man’s unlikely devotions for his male lover, Santiago often provokes him to break all barriers and walk on the way of his heart’s desire. But to show loyalty and fondness for a gay relationship is something, that doesn’t fit within the rigid traditions and ethics of that village. Thus, Miguel has to constantly struggle between his seemingly unshakable concern for his family and passionate love for his unacceptable lover. The events, that unfold in the movie, keep the flame burning in his heart, which provides him the support to listen to his heart as Santiago gets accidentally drowned in the sea. He surfaces as a ghost and demands a proper funeral from Miguel. The ramifications that follow put Miguel at the risk of losing all that he has earned throughout his life.

Undertow Movie is Directed By : Javier Fuentes-Leon

Starring : Cristian Mercado, Tatiana Astengo, Manolo Cardona

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