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Release Date:Aug 03,2007

Category: Action / Science Fiction / Comedy / Adventure / Family

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.9

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Amy Adams
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Plot : Underdog, a sci-fi based action adventure comedy directed by Frederik Du Chau, is about a dog that accidentally gets superpowers. Shoeshine is a normal, bumbling everyday bomb-sniffing beagle who gets fired from the mayor’s office for committing a blunder. The very same night Shoeshine is kidnapped by a maniacal scientist Dr. Simon Barsinister, who injects him with some experimental potion. Shoeshine manages to escape from the mysterious lab but soon realizes that he has gained incredible powers as well as the ability to speak. He is then adopted by a widower ex-cop, who has moody teenage son named Jack. Jack soon learns about Shoeshine’s powers, but does not tell anyone about it. Meanwhile, Shoeshine arms himself with an attractive superhero costume and uses his superpower to protect his love, a beautiful spaniel named Polly Purebred and the citizens of the city, from the evil Simon Barsinister. On the other hand, Barsinister, with the help of his underling, continuously plots to catch Shoeshine and take over the city.

Underdog movie is Directed By : Frederik Du Chau

Starring : Jason Lee, Peter Dinklage, James Belushi, Patrick Warburton, Alex Neuberger, Taylor Momsen

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