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Twelve Thirty

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Release Date:Jan 14,2011

Category: Drama

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Plot : Twelve Thirty features a family drama that revolves around three powerful women, who are caught in the world of men. Vivien is an independent mother of two daughters, Mel and Maura. Mel’s attitude towards life is completely different from Maura’s. She is the goddess of confidence and seduction, while Maura is a dissatisfied, alienated and formidable young girl. There is one more member, Martin, who may not play an essential role in the family, but his personal goals and wishes have influenced the entire family. Martin leaves home for personal growth and visits Mel, his ex-wife to satisfy his physical needs. Maura doesn’t like Martin, because he creates more havoc in their already dysfunctional world. A new storm appears in the form of Jeff, who is a sexual neophyte. He has been chasing Mel since their high school days and can go to any extent to become her life partner. Destiny brings them back together, as Mel finds Jeff as a colleague in the same restaurant, where she works. Like a good opportunist, Jeff tries to create an emotional and physical bond with the girl. In this relationship, he crosses all those limits, which define right and wrong. Soon, he realizes the relevance of his relationship, after getting acquainted with the relationship of Mel and Maura, with other men. He soon becomes the target of Martin’s hatred. You can watch Twelve Thirty online to catch the story, which is drenched in guilt, manipulation, seduction and deception.

Twelve Thirty Movie is Directed By : Jeff Lipsky

Starring : Jonathan Groff, Mamie Gummer, Karen Young, Barbara Barrie, Halley Feiffer, Rebecca Schull, Reed Birney, Fred Berman

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