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Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Watch Tucker & Dale vs Evil Movie Online Here | Download Tucker & Dale vs Evil Movie

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Release Date:Sep 30,2011

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.2

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Plot : Tucker and Dale make up a friendly pair, with nothing complex about them. In fact, their personalities can be termed as ‘simplicity-personified.’ They leave for their new-property, a worn-out but inviting lakeside cabin, where they plan to enjoy fishing and beer-drinking among the ethereal natural beauty. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the unfortunate fact that their holiday is about to be turned into a nightmare by a group of chirpy college students, who unintentionally take them to be merciless killers, equipped with flesh rupturing weapons. Dale, who actually looks like a man with no courage to allay dangers, sees Allison (one of the students) falling into the river and drowning with each effort to survive. Tucker and Dale save her life and take her to their cabin to offer her timely medical aid. Things turn upside down, when they forward the news of having Allison to the rest of the students. Instead of taking this as a message from the individuals who have come to the rescue of their friend, they assume Tucker and Dale to be malicious kidnappers. This strong misunderstanding leads to some inexplicable happenings including the students killing themselves in the presence of terribly-shocked hillbillies. What makes this movie special is the amazing camera work and expressive acting, which add oodles to the entertainment quotient of the movie. Apart from offering teeth-chattering horror, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, tickles the funny bone as well.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil Movie is Directed By : Eli Craig

Starring : Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden, Christie Laing, Jesse Moss, Philip Granger, Alex Arsenault, Travis Nelson, Joseph Allan Sutherland

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