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Release Date:May 14,2004

Category: Adventure

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Brad Pitt
Orlando Bloom
Sean Bean
Julie Christie
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Plot : Troy is a superb historical action movie directed by Wolfgang Petersen. This movie is set in the year 1250 B.C. for the duration of the late Bronze Age. This movie actually deals with two rising nations who begin to come to blows after when the prince of Trojan, Paris encourage Helen (played by Diane Kruger) to sail with him to Troy. Helen was the Queen of Sparta and wife of Menelaus. After when Menelaus comes to know about this, he requests his brother Agamemnom (played by Brian Cox) to assist him to get her back. Agamemnon agrees to this and they all together sail with 1,000 ships that carried 50,000 soldiers to Troy. But Trojans were known for their battle skills and had never been defeated before. Then Menelaus seeks Achilles’ (played by Brad Pitt) help. Then after Greeks fought with Trojans. However, they were resisted and almost came to a stop by the prince of Troy, Hector (played by Eric Bana). Hector was Paris’ brother. The entire movie has very well shown the battle.

Troy Movie is Directed By : Wolfgang Petersen

Starring :
Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Rose Byrne, Peter O'Toole, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean, Brian Cox

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