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Touching Home

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Release Date:Apr 28,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Touching Home is a drama that tells the real life story of two brothers, Noah and Logan Miller. Their dream was to touch the sky, and come out with flying colors. The thing that could take these twin brothers to their destiny was their passion towards the sport of baseball. Having an above average past performance when at high school, they knew that it was baseball that could make them touch rocketing heights in their life, allowing them to rise up to the standard of life that they were now living. So, these twin brothers appeared for the toughest competition - the major league baseball match. But it seemed as if destiny had knit an altogether different story for them, and it was high time they accepted it. Watch Touching Home online to lay your hands on destiny’s story for these two. They returned home, tired and dejected; tired of the efforts that they’d put in and of course, dejected to see the unfavorable outcome. Embarrassment, shame and guilt were words that could best describe the scenario for them. And to worsen this, it was their father who behaved in the worse way possible that raised their complications to the apex level. Life soon turned into a chaotic mess, which they realized they themselves had created. The only work that they could lay their hands upon was to go back to the same place where it all started; a place where they would get to meet those ‘never successful and still contented’ friends!

Touching Home movie is Directed By : Logan Miller, Noah Miller

Starring : Ed Harris, Brad Dourif

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May 06,2010
May 06,2010
Yeah guys your Touching Home story touched my heart. :)
Apr 16,2010
Touching Home is a OK movie. I will say it's a movie to watch online than in theater.