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Toe to Toe

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Release Date:Feb 19,2010

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.7

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Plot : They say that a movie scores if the second part of it is better than the first half. This piece of fact nails the story of this movie, with that said, it must be added that bettering its first half was quite an uphill task, given its quality. It’s a teenage movie that covers the issues of jealousy, underage sex, and other similar complications attached to that age. It shows two girls playing matches of lacrosse together and that’s not the only thing that they share; the other thing they share is jealousy. It is this jealousy that adds the spark to this movie and keeps it going super-charged. The performances of the actors are the life of this movie, as every character plays his part in a way that makes you identify with him/her almost instantaneously. Director Emily Abt puts her soul into the movie and comes out with pleasing results. Watch Toe to Toe online to experience/re-experience an unforgettable age that comes with a host of problems, only to make it even more memorable.

Toe to Toe movie is Directed By : Emily Abt

Starring : Louisa Krause, Sonequa Martin, Hina Abdullah, Sarah Aschenbach, Dionne Audain, Joseph Balinas, Tabi Bonney

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Feb 06,2010
Hmm! hahaha! Toe to Toe movie is a edgy drama.