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To the Arctic 3D

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Release Date:Apr 20,2012

Category: Documentary

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Meryl Streep
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Plot: It’s time to witness a story of survival, courage, struggle and battle with nature through the lives of the creatures of the icy jungle. The world is experiencing the unnerving shift in its nature due to various reasons developed by the man’s attempts to achieve the once impossible and take control over the world and the nature. Watch To the Arctic 3D online to gain an insight into what the man is doing to other living beings that are facing the severity of the nature’s shift and its grave repercussions that are making their survival difficult and full of fights. The film is pepped up with sophisticated graphics and 3D technology that will make the experience even more dynamic. Through the tale of survival the one relation that is illustrated in this film is of mother with her children as the story spins around the survival of a family of Polar Bears. Download To the Arctic 3D to journey with the family of three polar bears which consists of a mother polar bear and her two cubs who are just new to the world and are of seven months. It is an out of ordinary journey to the crown of the world which is bejeweled with the sparkling icy glaciers which unfortunately is suffering from the change in the natural processes and the habitat. The peak of the world known as Arctic is a natural habitat of the animals like polar bears. But the place that they call home, that is their kingdom is now experiencing a transition and consequences of global warming. This family of three is witnessing difficulties in their subsistence due to the dissolving of ice and the glaciers so the family plots a route through the blanket of ice that is now on the brink of evaporation to look for their survival and home that can protect them.               

To the Arctic 3D Movie Directed by: Greg MacGillivray

Starrings: Meryl Streep

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