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Titanic 2

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Release Date:Aug 24,2010

Category: Adventure

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.7

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Plot : A century after the drowning of the ill-fated Titanic comes another towering ship SS Titanic 2, which dares to follow the same sea journey taken by the former, but in the reverse direction: United States to United Kingdom. When this magnetic ship begins its sail across the Atlantic, global warming takes a heavy toll on the Helheim glacier in Greenland, as it breaks down, instigating a tsunami that directs a large iceberg into Titanic 2. It results in a heavy damage to the ship and a fate similar to the original Titanic seems to on the cards. The blow renders many of its propelling and controlling units inoperable and water steadily makes its way into the ship. As the people run for their lives and take positions in lifeboats, a blast occurs inside the ship and engulfs many of its sections with high rising flames. While an atmosphere of chaos is still far from getting settled, the crackling of the Helheim glacier causes another tsunami, which overturns the ship, resulting in many being sucked by the deep ocean. Even those on lifeboats could not survive this unanticipated shock wave. Fear is written all over the faces of those, whose dreams of an exciting sea journey turn into their worst nightmares. Now the time is near, when Titanic 2 will be last seen standing majestically in far-stretched waters. Amazing special effects and heart-rending screenplay make this movie, an ‘absolute attention-stealer.’

Titanic 2 Movie is Directed By : Shane Van Dyke

Starring : Bruce Davison, Brooke Burns, Shane Van Dyke, Marie Westbrook

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Oct 12,2011
awsome titanic movie