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This Is It

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Release Date:Oct 28,2009

Category: Documentary / Musical / Dance

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : This is it is a musical documentary directed by Kenny Ortega. It is a tribute to the renowned musical big name Michael Jackson. In this movie, Jackson was shown conquering stage for the last time. It is actually a film amassed from about 100 hours practice video recording for the 50 shows he was expected to carry out at London's O2 arena during the time of his death. This film takes all his fans to a journey behind the scenes to glimpse the superstar at the back of classic pop hits like "Thriller" and "Billie Jean" getting ready for the concert that was supposed to circlet his whole career. This film has been produced all together by the Estate of Michael Jackson. This movie is being highly appreciated by all the fans of Michael Jackson. It isn’t just a movie but the last and ever lasting memory of everybody’s favorite “Michael Jackson”. So if you assume yourself as a true fan of this legendry musical star, then watch this movie now.

This Is It movie is Directed By : Kenny Ortega

Starring :
Michael Jackson

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Jan 14,2010
You can watch Michael Jackson live in This Is It movie. Yeah pop king still pretty alive...