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The Wonder of it All

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Release Date:Jul 24,2009

Category: Documentary / History

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Plot : The Wonder of it All was unquestionably an outstandingly directed documentary movie reflecting upon the training, mental preparation and efforts that went behind making the human travel towards moon and finally landing on it a possibility. The Wonder of it All did not require a powerful script or a famous league of actors for its success, the subject of the movie possessed unrivaled charm, which assisted it in casting some kind of magic spell on viewers from world over. The direction job of this flick was handled by Jeffrey Roth. Wonder of it All depicts how a nation achieved its goal of setting foot on the moon via a league of daring Moonwalkers comprising of Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, John Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. The movie depicts the training and efforts that went behind extending the human reach to celestial bodies other than planet earth. These men share their personal accounts of the whole journey touching diverse topics like training they undertook, hardships they faced and how their families were affected once they were involved in a high-risk mission. Hey! Have ultimate fun by watching full-length Wonder of it All video from here, as this flick is unquestionably a must watch.

The Wonder of it All movie is Directed By : Jeffrey Roth

Starring : Edwin E Aldrin Jr, Alan Bean, Charles Duke, Edgar Mitchell, Harrison Schmitt, John Young, Gene Cernan

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