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The Veteran

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Release Date:Apr 29,2011

Category: Action / Thriller

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Plot : Director Matthew Hope, of ‘The Vanguard’ fame, once again brings to us unprecedented thrill in ‘The Veteran’, a gripping tale of the battle that a veteran soldier has to play, off the battlefield. After serving in the US army in Afghanistan, Robert Miller returns home, enthusiastic about the days of freedom that await him. However, his retirement bliss doesn’t last long, since he’s soon recruited by a government agency on a treacherous mission, in which he is required to go undercover and track down some of the nation’s most dangerous criminals. He has to undertake the mission incognito, since revealing his past association with the army can spell doom. The role of Robert Miller is played by Tony Kebbell, who does justice to the powerful portrayal of a soldier. As Robert embarks on the mission, the job at hand soon shifts from being a part of his duty to an obsession. He finds it impossible to separate his past as a soldier, from his present role as part of an investigative team. Unable to suppress his innate tendency of putting down his foes single-handedly, he decides to break free from the shackles of a rigid protocol, and sets off to tackle the criminal cell, all by himself. He poses a great threat to his own security, and also ends up losing the support of the government agency that recruited him. Despite having no selfish motive behind uprooting the gang, he does so out of a basic instinct that he’s developed after years of selfless service. Watch The Veteran online to witness the manifestations of this daring decision. The movie is jam-packed with adrenaline pumping action sequences, and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Veteran Movie is Directed By : Matthew Hope

Starring : Toby Kebbell, Brian Cox, Tony Curran, Adi Bielski, Tom Brooke, Ashley Bashy Thomas, Mem Ferda, Ivanno Jeremiah

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