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The Uninvited

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Release Date:Jan 30,2009

Category: Thriller / Drama / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.7

Views: 21408

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Plot : The Uninvited is a horror movie directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard about the fight of wills between two sisters and their stepmother-to-be. Young Anna (Emily Browning) who has been in the mental hospital for some time after the death of her mother returns home to her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel) and father David (David Strathairn). However, she is shocked to learn that David is dating Rachel (Elizabeth Banks), former nurse of her mother. That night Annas mother visits her in her dream to warn her about Rachels intentions, but when Anna and Alex try to convince David, their pleas fall on deaf ears. A supposedly happy family reunion turns into a nightmare as Anna and Alex confront Rachel whose true colors are finally revealed.

The Uninvited movie is Directed By : Charles Guard & Thomas Guard

Starring : Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel, David Strathairn, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Massar, Kevin McNulty, Jesse Moss, Dean Paul Gibson

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Feb 05,2010
great website!
Dec 30,2009
I have just watched Uninvited movie its a great horror movie.