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The Trouble with Bliss

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Release Date:Mar 23,2012

Category: Comedy / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Plot: Michael Knowles’ latest release lights up elements of joy and reasons to live in a man’s precarious existence, trapped in the clutches of NYC’s inertia. The narrative by the director, along with Douglas Light begins with a stark depiction of a 35 year-old man, Morris Bliss’ pitiable condition with neither, a job, nor the money to escape a choking combination of exasperation and disdain, dealt out to him by his widower father, on a regular basis. His desire to travel round the world was curbed for his lack of money, and his need of a job could never be satisfied for he lacked prospects.  As we watch The Trouble with Bliss online, we find a Morris, dejected with life and its ways, and living with only a bit of hope of being able to put his life into some use, in the near future. On the top, life was useless for this man, who had nothing in himself that he could deal out to the world to earn a bit of bread and butter for himself. But, with time, Morris had gotten so used to his father’s curses and insults that now hearing them all day long, was more relaxing an option, than to sweat it out for a daily-wage. Something strange happens on his hormonal front, as he develops a crazy relationship with this overtly sexually mature daughter of an ex-classmate of his. Download The Trouble with Bliss to find the two getting closer, as the little girl reveals to him qualities within him that he never cared to explore into or identify. In some time, Morris finds his straight-forward and extrovert neighbor trying hard to lend him attractive advances and seduce him. The irony of the situation is that Morris was a loser as per the definition of a successful man on his feet, and yet he was able to gain attention and attract young and pretty women, half his age. So, he realizes that with life unraveling more and more him, it is also opening up or lightning up traits in him that have been craving an identity, all the attention and admiration from the opposite sex, since long.

The Trouble with Bliss Movie Directed By: Michael Knowles

Starrings: Michael C. Hall, Peter Fonda, Lucy Liu, Brie Larson, Sarah Shahi, Rhea Perlman, Chris Messina.

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