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The Traveler

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Release Date:Oct 01,2010

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Val Kilmer
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Plot : The Traveler is the story of a stranger, a man who calls himself Mr. Nobody. The first scene of the movie begins on the Christmas Eve, where people are having a time of the year. The town is lit and beautifully decorated and a police station comes into picture. Its’ raining cats and dogs, and this is the time when a stranger enters a police station. This stranger is here for a confession. He tells all the police officers that he has committed six murders. Just before he begins to tell them anything, the cops handcuff him and start assaulting him. They go on enquiring his statistics, that includes his name and address, but this stranger refuses to tell them anything, except the occurrence of six murders. He asks them to call him Mr. Nobody, and this thing is obviously not accepted by the cops. So, they keep assaulting him till the time detective Mr. Black enters and takes the whole charge of this stranger. As the stranger explains murders one by one, the officer who listens to his story dies. The end result only spares Mr. Black and all other remaining cops die. Mr. Black now suspects this stranger to be a spirit, who is full of vengeance. As the story reaches its daunting climax, Mr. Black’s assumptions start discovering solid reasons. He discovers that this stranger is possibly the same man, who was given a third degree treatment, on being suspected as the man behind his daughter’s murder. With this, Mr. Black also knows that now, there is no escapism for him as well.

The Traveler Movie is Directed By : Michael Oblowitz

Starring : Val Kilmer, Camille Sullivan, John Cassini, Denyc, Chris Gauthier, Nels Lennarson

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