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The Taqwacores

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Release Date:Oct 22,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Yusef, a native of Pakistan has got himself admitted in a prestigious engineering college in America. His life in America undergoes complete transformation, when one day he moves off-campus with a bunch of Muslim rock music enthusiasts in Buffalo, New York. His new housemates with an immense inclination towards the world of rock music expose him to Taqwacore- a rock punk music world completely ruled by the Muslims. This whole bunch starts to get overwhelmed by the brand of music on offer from the Taqwacore. Inside their room, they remain calm and composed during the day, but when the night falls, the punk parties eat away the quietness of the room, with their lively music. Finally Yusef also start connecting with the Taqwacore and initiates an inner debate on his ideologies. The life and soul of this movie resides in its well-chalked out plotline, which embraces several deeply touching moments.

The Taqwacores Movie is Directed By : Eyad Zahra

Starring : Bobby Naderi, Noureen Dewulf, Dominic Rains, Nav Mann, Tony Yalda, Rasika Mathur, Volkan Eryaman, Ian Tran, Anne Marie Leighton, Denise George, John Charles Meyer

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