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The Skin I Live In

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Release Date:Oct 14,2011

Category: Drama

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Plot : A film can, sometimes, scare the audience with its storyline and the way it grows. The Skin I Live In is one such work. It revolves round a surgeon, Robert Ledgard. He claims of evolving a skin type, which cannot be burned. He has made the successful experiments on a mice, and wishes to experiment on a living being. For the same, he imprisons a young lady, Anaya. He is being assisted by domestic help, Marilia. But his plans suffer a blow, when he steps out of his research facility, and Marilia’s son comes looking for help. He committed a crime, and asks for help from his mother. Soon, he comes to know about the young woman being held by force. He tries to sexually assault her, but Robert arrives in time and kills him. The picture takes a sudden jolt, when Marilia reveals to Anaya that Robert and the man lying dead are both her sons. She also explains why Robert is obsessed with his experiments on a new type of skin. Marilia reveals how his wife committed suicide after suffering burn injuries in a car accident and how his daughter, Norma, ended up in a mental asylum. As the story progresses, the film goes in flashback and shows how a rape attack by a man, Vicente, leaves Norma more troubled, and later, dead. Such a loss didn’t go down well with Robert, and he abducts Vicente. He performs a sex reassignment surgery on Vicente and makes him a woman. Watch The Skin I Live In online to see what more unexpected turns does the film take.

The Skin I Live In is Directed By : Pedro Almodóvar

Starring : Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Blanca Suárez, Jan Cornet, Marisa Paredes, Bárbara Lennie, Fernando Cayo, Buika

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