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The Sitter

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Release Date:Dec 09,2011

Category: Comedy

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Sam Rockwell
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Plot : You’ve got to be a child to deal with a child…well, not really, because had this been true, then the young college goer of this movie would have had a wonderful time dealing with the kids who he baby-sits. If that didn’t give you an idea about this movie, then here’s some more information on it. This movie shows a young college student who is on suspension and is spending his days at home. The things don’t stay the same for long and he is made to baby-sit a group of two boys and a not-so-affable, 8-year-old girl. Directed by David Gordon Green, the movie has been written through the pen of Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tenaka. If you are somebody, who likes the comedy combined with touching moments, then to watch The Sitter movie would be a great deal for you. Having a cast that includes Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell and Ari Graynor, it bases itself on the experiences (not so pleasant for the sitter) that this group of four has during the ‘baby-sitting’ adventure. The genre of comedy has always brought us some of the biggest and also some of the most forgettable movies. Now, let’s see, which team this flick intends to join.

The Sitter Movie is Directed By : David Gordon Green

Starring : Sam Rockwell, Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor, Miriam McDonald, Erin Daniels, Method Man, Dreama Walker, J.B. Smoove, Max Records, D.W. Moffett

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Dec 23,2011
Love to watch movies like this..!!