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The Simpsons Movie

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Release Date:Jul 27,2007

Category: Comedy / Animation

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.2

Views: 14273

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Plot : The Simpsons Movie is an animated adventure movie directed by David Silverman. When the population in the lake corrodes their barge, Green Day was killed. Green day was a rock band. Then Grampa foresees future and tells everyone that the town will be doomed, however no one believes him except Marge. Then Lisa and her beloved Colin arrange a gathering where they encourage everyone to clean up the lake. In the intervening time, Homer takes on a pig from Krusty Burger and keeps the pig's feces in an spilling over storage tower. which Marge tells him to dispose of safely. But while doing this, he gets unfocused and in its place dumps the silo in the lake. Afterwards, it was shown that when a squirrel jumps into the lake, gets harshly mutate. When Simpsons' silo was found in the lake, the residents set the Simpsons’ house on fire. However, the Simpsons manage to get out of the house and went to Alaska. Where they see an ad of a new Grand Canyon that was supposed to be replace Springfield. Initially Homers refuses to save those who burned his home, but after when his family gets captured, he makes up his mind to save his town. And then after lot of efforts, he finally succeeds in his attempt.

The Simpsons Movie movie is Directed By : David Silverman

Starring :
Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith

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Dec 28,2009
Animation movies are my weakness sort of. Watching The Simpsons movie was great entertainment for me.