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The Rundown

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Release Date:Sep 26,2003

Category: Action / Thriller / Comedy / Adventure

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.0

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Arnold Schwarzene..
Christopher Walke..
Rosario Dawson
Dwayne Johnson
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Plot : The Rundown, is an action-packed, comedy, directed by Peter Berg. The story, revolves around Beck (Dwayne Johnson), who, because of his previous bad experiences, prefers not to use arms in order to carry out his works. He is an aspiring chef, and starts working for Walker, as the latter has assured to help him in opening his own restaurant. Beck's job is to bring back Walker's son from the Amazon jungle. After moving to the South American town of El Dorado, Beck explores that this town is actually owned by Hatcher. He manages to find Travis (Walker's son), and teams up with him, to find an ancient golden artifact, Gato. Gato is actually a key to the freedom of the people, who are working under Hatcher due to his monopoly. Beck and Travis manage to retrieve the Gato, but a town clerk, Mariana intoxicates them with a hallucinogenic fruit, called Konlobos. Hatcher captures Mariana and then sends his men to kill Beck and Travis. But when Beck takes up his guns, things start taking a different turn. Catch The Rundown video, to find out whether Beck gets to fulfill his dream, or something totally unexpected happens to him.

The Rundown movie is Directed By : Peter Berg

Starring : Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Walken, Ewen Bremner, Jon Gries, William Lucking, Ernie Reyes Jr., Stuart F. Wilson

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