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The Reeds

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Release Date:Jan 29,2010

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : The Reeds movie opens with an exciting journey, but all of a sudden everything changes completely, when the passengers find something scary in the wild reeds. A group of young people decide to spend wonderful time on a cruise tour. At the grand port, the group takes a large vessel to start their exciting journey to the Corsair Star. At first the group enjoys the refreshing water of the channel, but soon after crossing the Norfolk Broads, some of them realize that they are being chased by a mysterious force. A sudden accident of their ship compels them to take refuge on the shore. Now they all have to save themselves, because a mysterious force is still after their lives. In this scary place, they all are the victims of wild nature and a mysterious force. They are in a horrifying hell, where nothing can save them. This is the same place, where a few decades ago a group of youngsters lost their lives. The mysterious force of the Corsair Star kills all those brutally, who visit this cursed place. The group faces the effect of the curse, and due to the same curse, some of its members have already vanished. Now the remaining members of the group have to be really careful to protect themselves from the hidden force. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? If yes, then do watch The Reeds online to catch this scary journey that can leave goose bumps all over your body!

The Reeds movie is Directed By : Nick Cohen

Starring : Karl Ashman, Geoff Bell, Anna Brewster, Daniel Caltagirone, Emma Catherwood, Reece Chapman, O.T. Fagbenle, Scarlett Alice Johnson, James Marriot

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