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The Raven

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Release Date:Apr 27,2012

Category: Thriller

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Plot: Edgar Allan Poe holds the honor of being one of the greatest literary geniuses ever to have lived. However, his death in 1849, when he was just 40, still remains shrouded in mystery. Filmmakers Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare bank upon this mystery, making an intriguing tale out of it, in the thriller, ‘The Raven.’ The role of Poe is brilliantly played by John Cusack, who with his odd features and porcelain complexion, depicts the other-worldly persona of Poe to perfection. You can watch The Raven online to witness this gripping tale, which puts together the elements of a murder mystery, character study and biography, creating a mesh of plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat right through it. The movie starts with Poe being seated in an inebriated state on a bench in Baltimore, shortly before his death. Then on, we watch the events unfolding in retrospect, as a detective works upon the mysterious and gruesome murders of innocent victims across the town. When the detective notices a link between the manner in which the murders are being committed, and the stories published by the aspiring writer, Poe, in a local newspaper, he contacts Poe, to work on the case. Initially unwilling to get involved in the investigation, Poe joins hands with the detective, when the woman he loves goes missing. Then on, the movie is a captivating cat and mouse chase between these two men and the killer. Be sure to get The Raven download to be a part of the galvanizing drama, with annotations of comedy, which makes for one of the most entertaining screenings of the year!     

The Raven Movie Directed by: James McTeigue

Starrings: John Cusack, Alice Eve , Luke Evans,Brendan Gleeson,Kevin McNally, Oliver Jackson-Cohen,Sam Hazeldine,Pam Ferris.

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Apr 27,2012
very nice move
Apr 17,2012
Yet watched its trailer and it sounds interesting.Hope Enjoy the movie too.
Apr 12,2012
Sounds interesting movie..