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The Pope's Toilet

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Release Date:Apr 08,2009

Category: Drama

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Plot : How do you feel when you plan something out and work really hard to materialize it, but something inside you begins to doubt? Weaving a similar environment, this film is set in Uruguay; it’s actually a Uruguayan film. In 1988, in a small town called Melo, Uruguay, people are elated because Pope John Paul II is going to arrive in their tiny town. Everybody is speculating that hundreds of people will come to see Pope; media says may be thousands can arrive to witness the holy personality and get blessings. It’s a very big opportunity for the poor people of Melo as they can serve the guests and earn some money. They estimate that the pilgrims would need food, drinks, some place to live, paper flags and souvenirs to take back home from this holy visit. Their joy knew no bounds, as they will get Pope’s blessing as well as the chance to get a little richer. A local smuggler, Beto has a very unique idea of building the Pope’s toilet, which the pilgrims can use as well. But he is a petty smuggler, and is finding it very difficult to arrange funds for his project. He uses the money he has saved for his daughter’s college to build the toilet. Watch The Pope’s Toilet online to know how many pilgrims come to Melo and whether Beto’s idea to build the Pope’s toilet works or he loses all his savings.

The Pope's Toilet Movie is Directed By : Cesar Charlone, Enrique Fernandez

Starring : Cesar Troncoso, Virginia Mendez, Mario Silva, Jose Arce, Virginia Ruiz, Henry De Leon, Rodrigo dos Santos, Nelson Lence, Alex Silva, Baltasar Burgos, Carlos Lerena

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