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The Missing Lynx

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Release Date:Oct 30,2009

Category: Comedy / Adventure / Animation / Foreign

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : The Missing Lynx is an animated comedy movie directed by Raul Garcia and Manuel Sicilia. A billionaire wishes to form his own Noah’s Ark. Thus to fulfill his desire he hires a sharp hunter to catch endangered animals for his ark to get stuffed with. Now the movie follows the adventures better called as misadventures as the group of animals try to escape from being caught by the hands of the hunter. Felix (Iberian lynx) is staying in an animal recovery center situated at Donana National Park in Spain.One day the center is attacked by the evil hunter so now Felix and his friends Gus (chameleon), Beeety (goat), Astarté (falcon) and Rupert (mole) have to save themselves. All these animals have unique behaviors like we humans. Felix is clumsy, Gus is a paranoid, Beeety is a daredevil, Astarté is brave and Rupert is poor-sighted. The movie is a very good animation flick carrying a generous message of nature protection. There is a lot of action and adventure that catches our attention in this cute, funny and refreshing movie.

The Missing Lynx Movie is Directed By : Manuel Sicilia, Raul Garcia

Starring :
David Robles, Cecilia Santiago, Abraham Aguilar, Cesar Sarachu, Esperanza Pedreno, Conchi Lopez Rojo, Julio Nunez, Stephen Hughes

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