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The Master

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Release Date:Sep 14,2012

Category: Drama

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Plot: The Master is a drama film written and directed by Academy Award Nominee writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson. The film tells the story of a short-tempered man who tries to get relief from his emotional pain that is holding him back in life. Watch The Master online to see how life changes for US Navy Sailor who returns from the second world war after he stows away on the ship where he meets man and becomes part of his new movement named as The Cause. Freddie Quell ( Joaquin Phoenix) a US Navy Veteran/Sailor returns to his home after the second world war with an uncertain future. He is unable to get a job to keep his daily life going due to his short temperedness and alcoholism. He gets stowed away on the ship where he meets Lancaster Dodd ( Philip Seymour Hoffman) who is running a new movement called The Cause which helps victims to start over a new life by getting over on their past. Freddie and Dodd some develop a good bond between them. Download The Master to see how Dodd’s new movement which Freddie becomes a part of helps him to look into his past life and get over it and to see his future life from a different view.

The Master Movie Directed By: Paul Thomas Anderson

Starrings: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams

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