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The Little Traitor

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Release Date:Oct 16,2009

Category: Drama / War

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.1

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Alfred Molina
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Plot : The Little Traitor is an intense drama movie by Lynn Roth detailing innocence-proving journey of a little boy within chaos stricken Palestine. Proffy Liebowitz, a rebellious yet soft hearted little boy wants the British to vacate his home land. To achieve this goal he is always busy in plotting and planning along with his close pals. But one day fortune betrays him as he is nabbed by a British sergeant named Dunlop. Having pity on the small boy, this sergeant instead of punishing him replaces Proffy inside his home. As time passes by, Proffy and Dunlop strike a strong bond of friendship but this liaison of theirs is a closely guarded secret. The secret no longer remains a secret when one among the Proffy’s friends catches him unawares and notifies his friendship with an enemy soldier to the town officials. He is leveled with charges of being a traitor and an intense trial starts. Luckily in the end he is proved innocent. This phase in Proffy’s life makes him think hard about the reasons that attracted him towards an enemy soldier and a strong friendship between them blossomed. Enjoy this thought-provoking storyline by watching The Little Traitor video from here.

The Little Traitor movie is Directed By : Lynn Roth

Starring : Alfred Molina, Ido Port, Rami Heuberger, Gilya Stern, Boris Reinis, Lior Sasson, Theodore Bikel

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