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The Lion of Judah

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Release Date:Jun 03,2011

Category: Animation

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.5

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Plot : The Lion of Judah is a fun filled animated movie, that brings together a host of stable animals, to narrate a story that has biblical undertones. It is Easter time and Judah, the lamb and his other stable friends, have been wary of being captured for sacrifice; but eventually, Judah himself is trapped by the townsfolk, to be offered at the sacrificial altar. What unfolds next is a hilarious adventure that the animals undertake to save their friend. The plot involves great drama and humor, as it follows the journey of the pig, donkey, rooster, horse, cow and rat, as they go about hunting their friend from their stable, in Bethlehem, to the great temple in Jerusalem, and from there to the Cavalry hillside, trying to save him from the clutches of death. These lovable creatures emerge as heroes, as their antics attain epic proportions, making it a superb period piece. The Christian parable of Psalm Sunday and Christ overturning the tables climaxing in the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection is incorporated allegorically and beautifully. Watch The Lion of Judah video and enjoy the adventurous quest for Judah - the lamb with the heart of a lion!

The Lion of Judah Movie is Directed By : Deryck Broom, Roger Hawkins

Starring : Ernest Borgnine, Leon Clingman, Georgina Cordova, Scott Eastwood, Samantha Gray, Roger Hawkins, Omar Benson Miller, Michael Madsen, Sandi Patty

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The movie is a perfect family entertainer as its humor cuts across generations, making it a must have in your collectibles. Watch The Lion of Judah online here, and embark on a rib tickling fun ride with the family of stable animals, who would certainly charm you with their heartwarming acts. Or, download The Lion of Judah, so that you may watch it at your convenience, in your own free time, share it with others and go back to it every time and any time you feel. The movie is available in formats that are compatible with DivX, allowing video compression without degrading the quality, DVD, that enables movies to run glitch free in your DVD players, IPod, which allows you to watch movies on the go, so that you may choose what you need, without having to worry about compatibility issues, picture quality and clarity. Our purpose is to make movie watching a fun-filled and hassle free experience for you. Buy The Lion of Judah and get your own copy of a laugh riot, that is certainly going to enthrall you for years. Let the fun multiply as you watch all your favorite movies here.

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