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The Ledge

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Release Date:Jul 08,2011

Category: Thriller / Drama

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Patrick Wilson
Terrence Howard
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Plot : The façade that a person dons doesn’t remain in shrouds, forever. And when it leads to some forbidden acts that later see the light of the day, it often becomes a matter of life and death. Gavin, an atheist, enters into an illicit relationship with Shana, the spouse of his neighbor. The act of the two, involved in a forbidden relationship, comes to the knowledge of Shana’s husband, Joe. Being a firm believer, Joe decides to test Gavin. He entices Gavin to accompany him to the ledge of a high rise building, and puts him in a predicament. Joe asks him to make a tough call. He can either walk away with either his life, or leave Shana! And the time he is given to make the tough choice is just one hour! Now, that a number of lives are hanging in balance, what would be the call of a man, who doesn’t believe in a superior power? While all this unfolds, Hollis, the police man, has to find a way to save both the lives. Would he be able to complete the task, while the two men play a life-threatening game? Or, will time checkmate all? The story will see two men, who are opposites of each other, in collision. Would Gavin discover faith? This nail-biting thriller will keep the audience at the edge of their seats, while they watch The Ledge online, as the three men try to convince each other to step back!

The Ledge Movie is Directed By : Matthew Chapman

Starring : Charlie Hunnam, Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Terrence Howard, Christopher Gorham, Jaqueline Fleming, Monica Acosta, Mike Pniewski

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