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The Last Mountain

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Release Date:Jun 03,2011

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Documentary film The Last Mountain sparks off a debatable issue of the dwindling natural resources like coal in the peaks of Appalachian mountain range. The movie brings out both sides of the story, with the community fighting the ecological misbalance on one side, and the influential mining companies that are hell bent to reap more from the alluring business prospects, on the other. The Last Mountain is not just a story about the struggle of the local people of West Virginia; it’s an epitome of what could be done by an individual to save planet Earth. The thought-provoking documentary features one of the feisty Americans, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., voicing the cause of locals against the politically backed up mining firms. The presence of Robert in the group breathes in a new life in the fight against the coal extractors. The Last Mountain tries to draw a picture of the Appalachian Mountains through interviews and reactions of the locals. Watch The Last Mountain online to know every detail of the fallout of rigorous coal mining on the environment, and witness the dirty game of politics and business being played, with the lives of humans at stake.

The Last Mountain Movie is Directed By : Bill Haney

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