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The Last Days of April

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Release Date:Dec 17,2010

Category: Thriller / Crime / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

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Plot : The Last Days of April is a thriller movie which has been directed by Rick Lancaster and written by Stephen M. Ryder and Rick Lancaster. The movie revolves around a young gorgeous woman, who is a murderous sexual psychopath. The woman kidnaps a 14-year-old boy, after she returns from a battle as a mercenary in Iraq. Gradually, the woman develops a strange relationship with the boy, while he is pinioned, being kept captive. The movie is filled with several gripping moments, which will definitely give you spine-chilling experiences. The story features the perfect blend of thriller and drama, two genres that have always been popular, and always will be. You will experience the feeling of suspense, tension and excitement while catching The Last Days of April video. Some questions might be hunting your mind like, will the boy be able to escape from the woman’s clutches? Is the woman in love with the boy? What will the woman do with the boy, if she keeps him with her? Watch the film, and see for yourself, what unexpected turn the movie takes!

The Last Days of April Movie is Directed By : Rick Lancaster

Starring : Brett Helsham, TJ Plunkett, Lisa Gunn, Aaron Letrick, Celine du Tertre, Domenico D'Ippolito, Anthony Ames, Laura Lee Barry

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