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The Killing Room

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Release Date:Oct 13,2009

Category: Thriller / Drama

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Plot :The Killing Room” is a thrilling drama directed by Jonathan Liebesman. This movie centers on four individuals, who, in order to accomplish their aim of undertaking research study, join a psychological research group. But unknowingly, they become part of an atrocious inhuman research program. These strangers have signed-in for this program in order to earn some extra money. But soon they realize that their desire to earn extra cash has landed them in the modern version of MK ULTRA indoctrination program. The Killing Room video then reveals that these subjects are dragged in a white room and asked to give answers to questions printed on a questionnaire form. Then a researcher arrives in the room, apparently to give a brief introduction to the study, but after telling about himself, he kills the female subject. This instills a feeling of fear in the hearts of rest of the three individuals. After this, the remaining three men are subjected to harsh treatment, in the form of mental, emotional and physical torture. In the end, it is disclosed that the sole purpose of this program was to make civilian weapons, by carrying out a process akin to apoptosis, in human beings.

The Killing Room Movie is Directed By : Jonathan Liebesman

Starring : Chloe Sevigny, Peter Stormare, Clea Duvall, Timothy Hutton, Nick Cannon, Shea Whigham, Anoop Kaur Sikand, Bill Stinchcomb, Luke Sexton, Meade Patton

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