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The Keeper

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Release Date:Sep 22,2009

Category: Action

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.0

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Plot : A protector’s job is to keep his master out of trouble and he can go to any extent to keep the danger at bay. The Keeper shows a similar man in action, against forces which can act as a threat to his own life. Roland Sallinger has seen some of the worst days possible, when he was in the police force. He was nearly slaughtered while trying to do his duty and the threat to his life was his own co-worker. Under pressure, he was relieved from his duties and he is offered the chance to retire. He reaches San Antonio, Texas, to work for a former friend. He is given the duty to act as the protector of the man’s daughter, Nikita. Roland’s friend has enormous wealth and because of the same reason, a gang has its eyes on his daughter. As the story progresses, Nikita is taken hostage by the gang members. Roland discovers that an inside man has helped in the kidnapping of Nikita. Now, it is on Roland to bring the girl back, safely. Ransom is asked for the girl, but Roland has it all sorted out. Blood will be shed during the whole act and people would be killed. Would Roland be able to rescue the innocent girl or will Nikita lose her life in the rescue mission? Watch The Keeper online to see what Roland will do to bring back the girl, safe and sound.

The Keeper Movie is Directed By : Keoni Waxman

Starring : Arron Shiver, Kisha Sierra, Luce Rains, Steph DuVall, Steven Seagal, Trine Christensen

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