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The Karate Kid

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Release Date:Jun 11,2010

Category: Action / Drama / Family / Sports

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.9

Views: 110387

Comments: 12

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Jackie Chan
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Plot : The Karate Kid is an upcoming martial art movie, directed by Herald Zwart. The plot shares some similarities with The Karate Kid movie of 1984. This time the story embraces some remarkable variations. Twelve year old Dre Parker is the most admired kid in Detroit. But his life completely changes when he moves to Beijing along with his mother. In this completely new place, Parker falls in love with a girl named Mei Ying. However, due to their cultural diversities, both find it difficult to start a friendship. This issue gets further complicated when Dre start hating Cheng who is a master of karate. Inside the land of Kung fu, Dre is an absolute alien. Parker’s new life remains miserable until the arrival of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), who is an idiosyncratic trainer of Kung fu. To fight against tyrants and strangers, Parker’s learns Kung fu from Mr. Han, who trains him in an unconventional way so that he could fight against bullies like Cheng. From here the story picks up pace of action and mystery of unexpected twists & turns. If you want to enjoy this kung fu based action movie, then watch The Karate Kid video from here.

The Karate Kid movie is Directed By : Harald Zwart

Starring : Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson, Tess Liu

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Aug 20,2010
The Karate Kid is a good Martial Arts movie.
enosh joshua
Aug 13,2010
I love this movie very much
Aug 02,2010
i luv this movie it is realy gud
Jun 21,2010
nice movie
Calvin lee
Jun 19,2010
This movie is awesome
bobby gallegos
Jun 13,2010
good movie
Jun 05,2010
this movie is really good
May 29,2010
the karate kid, this an excellent movie
May 04,2010