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The Incredible Hulk

Watch The Incredible Hulk Movie Online Here | Download The Incredible Hulk Movie

Release Date:Jun 13,2008

Category: Action / Thriller / Science Fiction

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.1

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Robert Downey Jr.
Edward Norton
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Plot : The Incredible Hulk takes the story of super hit movie Hulk a step ahead. Dr Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), searches for an antidote to cure him from his unique condition, so that he can get back with his lady love Betty Ross (Liv Tyler). However, he is being pursued by an enormous and ruthless beast named The Abomination having powers that match Hulk’s own. The Abomination is actually a former soldier named Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (William Hurt) who has purposely enhanced his adrenaline and aggression and Banner has to bring out the hero within him to protect not only himself but entire New York City from destruction.

The Incredible Hulk movie is Directed By : Louis Leterrier

Starring : Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell, Christina Cabot

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Sep 25,2009
nice movie