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The House I Live In

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Release Date:Oct 05,2012

Category: Documentary

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Plot: The House I Live In is a documentary film  written and directed by Eugene Jarecki. Documentary tells the truth about the War of U.S.A in drugs and how it effects the lives of the people those are related with it directly or indirectly. Eugene Jarecki took inspiration for the film came from his family friend and employee. Watch The House I Live In online to see the interviews which Eugene takes in the film that tries to throw more of the light on the war of the USA in drugs. He takes interviews of people from different fields like cops, judges and prison officers and also of dealers , those who are addicts of the drugs and families of the drug addicts as how they are going through and how it is effecting their lives. To add more in the film Eugene brings David Simon who is the creator of the TV show The Wire. Both Simon and Eugene tries to put deep and broader view over the situation going in America about drugs. Download The House I Live In  and see how historian Richard Lawrence Miller tells  about us the how once use of drugs like marijuana, opium , cocaine one used freely and legal by upper white class people but when started getting used by black people, Mexican, Chinese  etc they became banned to show more of the hatred towards them by white people.

The House I Live In Movie Directed By: Eugene Jarecki

Starrings: Nannie Jeter, David Simon

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