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The Heretics

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Release Date:Oct 09,2009

Category: Documentary / Biography / History

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.7

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Plot : The Heretics is an out of the ordinary documentary directed by Joan Braderman. The plot line of this special movie exposes the dark secret of a central force in the "second wave" of the Women's Movement, which was concentrate on the 1970s art world in lower Manhattan. Each and everything in this movie has been able to drive the viewers crazy. However the most prominent thing that backs the victory of this movie is its direction. The director of the movie has been very able to tie all the loose ends of the plotline. Moreover, the movie is very clear with its theme and the stars had been very competent of playing their characters.

The Heretics movie is Directed By : Joan Braderman

Starring : Emma Amos, Ida Applebroog, Patsy Beckert, Joan Braderman, Mary Beth Edelson, Su Friedrich, Janet Froelich, Harmony Hammond, K8 Hardy, Sue Heinemann, Elizabeth Hess

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