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The Grey

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Release Date:Jan 27,2012

Category: Action / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.8

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The Grey presents a well-crafted tale that is centered on a clique of oil-rig roughnecks. Their real journey begins when they crash at the sub-arctic tundra and get trapped there. Soon, they discover that on this no man’s land, there is nothing except the snow and wild animals. A sudden airplane crash puts this dissimilar clique of workers in a really vulnerable state. Alaska’s rough terrain can make anyone go mad, as it is really difficult to come out of it. Marooned on this strange island, they struggle day and night with their wounds, blood-freezing temperature, hunger, and last but not the least, the bloodthirsty wolves. Perhaps, the most difficult challenge is nothing but these wild wolves that are eager for prey. With every passing minute, the wild pack of wolves is getting desperate to taste their blood. In such a condition, only courage can save them, for on this icy island, they have no other companion. To fight with the bloodthirsty pack of wolves, the gang trains itself. In a wild hope of survival, one of them gathers the scattered courage and prepares himself for a one-on-one fight. He ties broken bottles on his fingers to use as a tool, and goes to the extent of taking on werewolves. Perhaps, it is one of the bizarre attempts, but it makes for a sort of defense. Will the gang be able to come out of this labyrinth, with death awaiting them at every corner? Watch The Grey online to take a look at what happens next in this survival saga!

The Grey Movie Is Directed By : Joe Carnahan

Starring : Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, James Badge Dale, Joe Anderson, Ben Bray

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