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The Garden of Eden

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Release Date:Dec 10,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Whenever one hears about The Garden of Eden, one is compelled to hark back upon Shakespeare’s magnum opus, ‘Hamlet’. However, ‘The Garden of Eden’ got a nascent identity with Earnest Hemingway’s second posthumously released novel that got adapted in a movie, two years ago. The plot-line of this silent comedy giggles you with its witty angles. The movie stars Corrine Griffith as a showbiz-oriented girl, who is enthusiastic about her career at the cost of her family. Humor gets generated in the movie, when Corrine lays her hands on opera-singing juxtaposed to her employment in a conspicuously objectionable cabaret in Paris. This film brings out erudition camouflaged with slapstick cool in right proportions. The plot in the movie abruptly takes a 180 degree obtuse turn, when Lowell Sherman gives a perfect example of debauchery, who is an established tycoon. When Corrine comes into picture, she somehow manages to masquerade royalty at Monte Carlo, a fancy hotel. In a nutshell, The Garden of Eden video will provide you with laughter concocted in serious and didactic tone. So, those who haven’t read the novel will comprehend the message Hemingway has tried to put across.

The Garden of Eden Movie is Directed By : John Irvin

Starring : Jack Huston, Mena Suvari, Richard E. Grant, Caterina Murino, Carmen Maura, Matthew Modine

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